Rewire is a free game-based course for autistic children
Ready for remote learning. Built together with certified specialists.
Course components
ABA Cards App
A free app for iOS & Android for building customizable flashcards decks for autism therapy and behavior analysis. Intensive Teaching, DTT, VB-MAPP aligned. Supports telehealth mode for distant autism learning.
Teamwork Adventure Game
A browser cooperative game for two persons sharing one screen. Designed by DIRFloortime® specialists. Players should communicate and work as a team to have fun and win. A journey from compromise to collaboration.
ABA Virtual Reality Game
A game for Windows PC (no VR), PC VR headsets, and Oculus Go VR headset. Distraction-free virtual room. LRFFC, prepositions, graphomotor skills, eye contact, sorting, drawing, pizza making. Reward system with tiny cars, airplanes, and magic effects.
Teacher Guides
Lesson plans, narrative material, solutions, and best practices based on already passed closed tests with BCBAs and DIRFloortime® specialists. Translated to English and Russian languages.
Over 7,000 lessons every week
What specialists say
  • I see great potential and benefits for the students I work with.
    Leo Stern, BA in Education and Psychology, MA of Education
    Director of Technology at «Stanbridge Academy»
  • The most significant achievement is the fact that after several joint lessons Boris began to ask Alexey for help in everyday situations, for example, when he could not fasten his jacket.
    Dmitry Sviridov
    Special Education program specialist of the rehabilitation centre for children with ASD «Our Sunny World»
  • It is the dynamics after interacting with virtual reality that brings the greatest joy and surprise. There was a feeling that the functionality of these people outside the program increased noticeably.
    Olga Nikolayeva
    Head of Development of voluntary activity department of the rehabilitation centre for children with ASD «Our Sunny World»
  • The use of virtual reality and gadgets, in general, allows us to create conditions for making activities of the highest possible interest for the child.
    Igor Shpitsberg
    Director of the rehabilitation centre for children with ASD «Our Sunny World»
  • A child could understand that they are successful at this, that they are doing everything well and that it is even fun, — that's the point.
    Natalya Malinova
    ABA department coordinator of the rehabilitation centre for children with ASD «Our Sunny World»
  • As a result, we've noticed that our subjects' voluntary and communication activities developed nicely.
    Vsevolod Orlyanskiy
    Special pedagogy and cognitive development curator of the rehabilitation centre for children with ASD «Our Sunny World»
Open Mind School Experience
Children With ASD Spatial Category Training
Teaching Communication to Autistic Children with Video Games
3 stories told by teachers, who came up with ideas of video games for children with ASD
Meet our team
The team of
Why are we doing this? We've started this self-funded project as a response to a call received from educators who work with autistic children. Seeing our games spark curiosity for learning each new lesson makes us really happy.
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